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Precision Nutritional Diets

These Diets are specifically designed to aid your body in natural detoxification.

They will most likely be challenging, but stick with them because they are highly effective.
(NOTE: these diets are Doctor supervised for patients of Precision Natural Medicine, If not a patient of ours yet, please refer to these diets.)

Click on the following links to open and print your Doctor recommended Diet.

Repair and Clear Grocery List

Fresh Start Program

Fresh Start Program – Anti-Inflammatory

Fresh Start Program – Higher Protein

Low Glycemic – For Diabetic and Pre-Diabetic

The Innate Diet – Eat the Way God Intended

10 Day Detox Diet Plan

Click on the following links to open and print Doctor recommended Menu Plans.

General Menu Plan – NOT for Diabetic Patients

Hypoglycemic Menu Plan

Vegan-Vegetarian Menu Plan

Ugghh! I can’t get the kids to eat healthy!!!” Click the link below for help!

Kids Korner

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