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Meet Dr. Otto

Why did I become a Chiropractor?

“My Chiropractic Story”

My allergies were so intense that to find me was to follow the trail of tissues: in my car, in my room, in every pocket of my pants, and eventually scattered all through the wash!! But then my horrible allergies improved!! I haven’t had allergy problems in 15 years!!! 20 years ago, I was working for a Chiropractor in order to apply for Physical Therapy School. He asked me to get adjusted. I said, My back’s not hurting me!!? He said, It’s not about your back, but your nerves that exit from it! I didn’t understand and was a little apprehensive, but he was my Boss, so I agreed.

The adjustment didn’t hurt! It actually felt good!

Not being in any pain, I didn’t notice a difference. But then my horrible allergies improved!! I haven’t had allergy problems in 15 years!!! And my allergies were so intense that to find me was to follow the trail of tissues: in my car, in my room, in every pocket of my pants, and eventually scattered all through the wash!! I don’t worry about carrying around tissue, sneezing at important meetings, nor having a head that feels like a huge water balloon anymore!

When I was a child, my mother had me tested for allergies by having over 20 long needles poked into my arms. For what? To have allergies every year of my life temporarily relieved by drugs?! I was so amazed with my results that I left my aspirations of PT to join the ranks of Chiropractic. I have been very blessed in my years as a Doctor and thank God for the wonderful gift of helping others.

Davenport, Iowa or Dallas, Texas? I couldn’t decide whether to go to Palmer College or Parker College, respectively. As a young college graduate, I had already made my $20 non-refundable deposit to Scott Community College in Iowa to take a required Organic Chemistry class. Since I didn’t want to lose my deposit I decided to go to Palmer. It sounds crazy I know, yet that trivial amount of money was the tipping point to Life events that followed. Graduating from the first and prestigious college of Chiropractic ? Palmer, joining the same Professional Chiropractic Fraternity as the developer of Chiropractic Dr. B.J.Palmer, meeting lifelong friends who would be partly responsible for my move to Florida, meeting my future wife in a neighboring town where she was going to college, and consequently our beautiful little girl Kaitlyn being born. It’s amazing to follow this 15 year path that lead me in part from $20 to the love of our lives.

My Family

Dr. David Otto Family

My Family, probably like your family, enjoys spending time with each other. In fact, as I type this to you now, I am looking forward to going home to play with my 8 year old daughter and my wife. She will probably want me to pick her up and fly her around the room (my daughter not my wife . We have a newborn son named Luke, and yes I do tell him, “LUKE, I am your FATHER”! Karen and I enjoy taking long walks around our block, and taking Kaitlyn to play in our neighborhood park. She likes to ride on my shoulders as I do my daily 2-4 mile runs. We watch movies together and cook tasty vegetarian meals. I enjoy playing x-box connecting online with my brother in-law Keith in Tampa and my cousin Sean in Ohio. My wife and I are both active on Facebook. I believe it is important to consistently share my knowledge and other good Health facts to you and your family online. As an analytical person, I really enjoy creating patient educational material on computers, video editing, etc. You may have met me out in the community through various charities, fundraisers, community groups, Board of directors, or at one of my spinal/stress screenings or educational lectures. Unlike a lot of people, I really love public speaking and jump at the chance to get out in front of an audience to share my experiences, knowledge, thoughts, feelings and anything else to help them with their health/lives. Thank you for taking the time to read about me and my family. God Bless you and your family.

Oh yeah, if you haven’t guessed by now I am a bit nerdy which I believe is good thing because the level of analytical detail combined with my commitment to helping people is extremely beneficial to you and your family.

One of my vices, I have to admit, is that I love getting on Xbox live with my brother-in-law Keith and several other friends to play team driven games – it is very addicting. If you decide to go on to my Facebook page, you’ll see that it’s littered with photos and videos of my son and daughter and all the crazy things we do together. I love that my daughter Kaitlyn, age 7, is following in the passions of her father by running around the neighborhood with me. I can’t resist frequently telling my son Luke, “Luke I am your father”. Someday we will watch Star Wars together, but as a six-month-old is a little over his head. My wife Karen is very cute. Not only in looks, but because of some of the fun things that she says and does. As a very affectionate person, I always enjoy hugging her. Prior to having these wonderful kids, I’d wake her up early before going to the clinic with Van Halen’s “I can’t stop loving you.”

If want more information about back pain click the following link:

Did you ever wonder how your Doctor takes care of his Health and the Health of his/her Family? My wife Karen and I are vegetarians and have been for about 13 years now. After extensive research coupled with my wellness knowledge, we made the decision to stop eating meat as a personal decision for us. Our daughter Kaitlyn is also a vegetarian and at 9 years old has never had meat. We don’t judge others for eating meat. We just know that after reviewing the data, it was not for us. I love to run! Despite many years of playing tennis, hockey, cross country, track, Volleyball; I find great emotional peace and fulfillment when I run and listen to my books on tape. In fact, I switched to running barefoot after listening to Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. I highly recommend that every human being read/listen to this book!! Our daughter was born at home by a certified midwife after a full 9 months of natural, holistic prenatal care including safe gentle chiropractic adjustments. My son Luke was born at Fruitful Vine Natural Birthing Center right next to his Holistic Pediatrician’s office Progressive Pediatrics I get myself adjusted on a regular 1 time per week schedule and also check and adjust my wife and daughter regularly as well with more frequent care during infrequent illness. we love sharing our philosophy with those open minded to making a change to a healthier lifestyle.

Would you be willing to give me the chance to help you?

If so, Call Precision Natural Medicine today 272-OTTO (6886 or 0880)

Thanks for visiting our site and taking the time to learn about chiropractic, our practice, my family and me. I would like to invite you into my clinic for a free tour of our facility and for a complimentary consultation to see if what we do could help you.

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